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$ 3.00

For practicing Sympathetic or Imitative Magic.  These are rough unfinished wood scraps sewn with waxed linen cord, so they can be burned or buried (no metal, oil, stain or paint has been applied).  Tuck one into the floorboards, or into a wall.  Go to the woods with a friend and each use one to create the message to the universe you wish to send. 

A basket full of these is a nice addition to your shop, and attracts crafting types to start a project.  At $3. each wholesale, they tolerate any markup.

first one is approx. 11 by 4 inches,

second one is 8 3/4 by 3 1/4

Very easily mailed, are rather flat and stack nicely into a box with minimal packaging, and are not at all fragile.