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Our Crates--Just what you need for YOUR product

Whether you package your items in jars, craft paper, or plastic, our pine crates will help you give a value-added bonus.  The crates are easily hung up on two small nails afterwards, and can be painted or stained by your customer if they don't want to just leave it plain and natural.

We use pine that we're recycling from other woodworkers, buying up their scraps and cutting them to the size we need.  White pine, yellow pine, and sometimes we've even got cedar (center box is a combination).  They are glued and then nailed, arriving to you sanded, clean, and ready to use.

It's best, since wood is susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity, to simply plan for a little extra space and fill it with crinkle paper or excelsior, especially if you are using glass containers and plan to ship the crates.  We can make them to fit a flat rate USPS box, add a rope handle, even a tab lid (no hinges).  Crates can be picked up in Columbus, Ohio, or we can meet your truck anywhere in town that is convenient and bring them in boxes ready for you to load.