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Pine Coffin Boxes, Dyed and Plain

Both with our batch-mixed dyes and with plain boiled linseed oil, or bare and ready for your own gesso and embellishment, these are glued, nailed, and mostly made from scraps left over from another woodworking shop (all the sides).  We use small inexpensive but sturdy hinges which are screwed in place, not nailed or glued.

Outside, they are 10 1/2 by 6" at the shoulder, inside is 8 1/2 by 4" and about 1 1//2" deep, enough for spell ingredients, a gathering of stones and herbs with oil, your feathers the cat keeps stealing, dice, charms, incense cones, bones, runes.

we mix the dyes per batch so if you want two boxes as close as possible to the same color, please indicate this.  Every dye batch is unique and even the grain and density of the wood can affect the absorption of the color, so we do not guarantee color outside of lots.

For purchase of twenty or more boxes, we offer a discount, get in touch.