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For Christian Churches--Assorted Crosses

Available in packages of fifty or one hundred, these are a thoughtful way to provide your homebound parishioners with a small reminder that the congregation is thinking of them.  For funerals, to give each participant something to hold and take home as a remembrance of the loved one, or for weddings, to convey the strong commitment the couple is making, shared by the participants.

We cut these from scrap lumber pieces left over from other projects in the shop, and include walnut, oak, poplar, cherry, beech, and other hardwoods from Ohio sawmills.  The smallest is about 4" tall, perfect for a side table, for traveling, a windowsill.  The largest is 8" tall, to hang on a wall, place in a home altar, or even put outside to gently weather in the elements.

Each is sanded to 220 grit and then oiled with boiled linseed oil as a sealer, a traditional natural non-toxic finish. 

We can enclose them in a clear re-sealable envelope, or pack them with clean paper between layers, just tell us your preference.  If you would like a photo of your actual set before we ship, we can also do that for you (yours will be from our same set of patterns as the ones shown in the photo above).

Larger orders can be filled with a couple of weeks' notice and a 50% deposit.


each of these has a blank envelope enclosed, as well.  As you can see, adding your prayer cards or other religious items, would compliment the cross.