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Our Writing--Did you know about our Ebooks?

Since 2016, we've published several books, available through Amazon's Kindle Books.

The first series of three novels, a trilogy, Mallory Southwell is recruited into a clandestine organization which uses chemical and mental augmentations to help their agents succeed.  Their purpose is to find justice for victims who otherwise would not be heard, or for whom the standard law enforcement system can not help.  As she builds her cover as a professional artist, she helps her new family track down and trap--and sometimes eliminate--those who feel they are above the law.  By the end of the third novel, she manages to not only help individuals, but the whole world.

Temp and the Horse

Temp and the Devil

Temp and the Font

Then there's a longer series, based on a clairvoyant who used to work for the FBI as a profiler, named Moon Trombley.  She works as an art teacher at a small midwestern college, while her old boss continues to book work for her clairvoyant Gift to solve.  She lives part-time with a polyamory community, helping them with their work, assisting them in their plans to improve their lives, as well as starting several small businesses in the college town that surrounds her university.

Moon and the Queen of Swords

Moon and the Ace of Wands

Moon and The Tower

Moon and The Fool

and in progress now, Moon and the Ace of Cups


Then I'll be starting on the Object Divination book, hoping to have it published by March, 2022.