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Wood Figures for Poppet and Sympathetic Spellcasting

We recently came across a large amount of scrap used wood, and discovered it works very well for cutting out these rough, unsanded pieces that we join into figures.  These are shown with wire, but most of them we make with linen, so that they can be buried if you wish.  We can make them for you in any size from ten inches to about eighteen inches, rubber band them in sets and send them un-joined, or connect them for you with wire, or with waxed linen or cotton cording as you prefer.


Each is unique.  As soon as you pick one up, it will remind you of someone you know, from your past or present.  We recommend you have several so that a closer match can be made by your customer.

As a sample, here is one of the wood figures prepared and used in a binding spell:

and another, a blessing for bountiful gardens:

The rough texture is easily wrapped with tissue paper or fabric, glued to, nailed to, embellished in many possible ways.  Since the wood is all scraps, it does not waste, and if thread is used, would return to the earth naturally if buried.

Contact us if you'd like to have an assortment of figures for your shop, ready for your customers to put to use.  These wholesale/consign for $4.25/retail for $8.50, flat and easy to ship in an envelope with spell casting goods, difficult to find.