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For your Occult, Wiccan, Metaphysical, Alternative Store

We make several items suitable for your metaphysical or alternative store.  From Poppets to Altars to spellcasting ingredients, we have over thirty products we make ourselves and wholesale to other businesses.

Our items for such shops include:


Various types of sawdusts for spellcasting, including cherry, walnut, oak and pine

Kits for divination, including object, and acutomancy

Wands, from simple to spiraled hardwoods, plain and embellished.  We also offer Kippens with natural bark and a leather lace.

Handmade blank cards with appropriate content, sleeved

Blank runes and staves, ready for your customer's marker or pyro marking.

Stone holders for crystal and gem display

Altars of plain and dyed pine