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Coffin Boxes, plain, oiled, dyed and oiled, and all have hinges

$ 12.00

Here's a rustic, simple coffin-shaped box for your special things, finished with natural boiled linseed oil, real hinges attached with real screws.  Has a delightful handmade look, it will be obvious to anyone who sees it in your home, that it's not a factory-manufactured import. 

made from Blued Pine or poplar wood sawmilled here in Ohio and the lumber worked from there to this product, in my workshop, by me.

Outside dimensions: ten by 5 1/2 inches; inside void is 8 1/2 by 4 by 1 1/4 deep.  There's enough room for bits of paper with spells, special pencils and pens, your smaller feathers you've collected on foraging walks, your runes--lots of possibilities.  Depending on how many you order, prices start at $8 for the fully finished ones, up to $12 for the ones embellished with beads or antique metal pieces.  Plain ones are $6.