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Buying our Products in 2020

We're a one-woman shop with a little help now and then from Husband Craig, loading and unloading lumber, changing the sandpaper, troubleshooting odd noises in the old vintage equipment.  See the photo?  Yeah, the shop was cleaned for a week before that was snapped.  It's usually ankle deep in chips and sawdust.  I currently have more wood inventory than ever stuffed in there.

                               *******CORONAVIRUS UPDATE*******

We have opened up the web site, reactivated some listings on Ebay, and this coming weekend, putting our first products on Amazon Handmade since we recently were accepted to participate.

Our shows so far this year have been cancelled, and this week our biggest show of the year, Great Lakes Medieval Festival, was "postponed" but we don't think it's going to be able to open.  The fall shows are already cancelled or planning to, so it's online for all of us this year, and possibly through the early Spring months as well.

So how can you get our lovely things? 

--Contact us directly with your gift ideas and searches.  There's still plenty of time to get custom items made before the winter holidays. 

--Choose from here on our web site, where postage is included in the price--go to the bottom of the page and click on PRODUCTS.  We'll be adding more now that the ren faire has freed up our stock for other outlets.  We ship five days a week.

--If you want to save more money, and can pick up anywhere around Columbus, Ohio, we can meet you in a safe public location and exchange your either prepaid item or do paypal on the spot with our phone, or swipe your credit card, or accept cash and give you a paper receipt.  We're happy to deduct the postal expense from your total.

Remember, each of our items is made one by one, with our own hands, using scrap and drop cuts of wood to help use resources as efficiently as possible.  We're not a factory, we're not overseas, we're right here in Ohio, doing things the old-fashioned way.