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Our Show Dates and Locations for 2020

We're a one-woman shop with a little help now and then from Husband Craig, loading and unloading lumber, changing the sandpaper, troubleshooting odd noises in the old vintage equipment.  See the photo?  Yeah, the shop was cleaned for a week before that was snapped.  It's usually ankle deep in chips and sawdust.  I currently have more wood inventory than ever stuffed in there.

                               *******CORONAVIRUS UPDATE*******

We have opened up the web site, reactivated some listings on Ebay, and this coming weekend, putting our first products on Amazon Handmade since we recently were accepted to participate.

Our shows so far this year have been cancelled, and we'll know on June 1st what the status of our renaissance faire might be.  While over 100 renaissance and medieval and Scottish events have been cancelled around the country, no word yet about the Great Lakes Medieval Faire in Rock Creek, Ohio, which starts mid-July.  We operate two booths, one with handmade boxes and totes named The Magical Box, and a second booth we built in 2019 called The Tangled Thread, where you'll find our handspun yarns, fiber art tools, costuming supplies, and our friend Rita's hand loomed scarves.

Here's our Magical Box booth, across from the Cottage Stage, and you can see the Tangled Web booth to the right in the background:

Hmm, nobody's manning the booth, LOL.  And the rest of the merchandise doesn't seem to be out.  Will take a better one next time.

September 26-27, We're trying a new show with an old friend from the Boyne City Michigan area, Beverly.  The show is in West Branch, Michigan, called the Northern Michigan Lamb and Wool Festival.

October 19-20 (?) it's the Ashland Fiber festival in Ashland, Ohio at the fairgrounds.  Big and Little Critters of all kinds are there to be petted and shown how their fiber is used in yarn, there are hourly demonstrations, and all the roving, mohair and wool fleece, dyes, yarns, finished garments, patterns, soaps, and tools you could ever hope for.

We will be at the Colerain Elementary School craft event, just a couple miles from our home, in November, off Indianola Avenue in Columbus, Ohio.

November, Kettering Ohio, Fairmont Presbyterian Church, Art Antiques and Craft Show, 9-3 p.m.  This was one of our favorite shows of 2019--we paid the day of the show, to book next year!  Pleasant, well staffed, a nifty mix of all sorts of good things.  And wow, the sandwiches from the kitchen!

December, Worthington Mall at 270 and 23 at the north end of Columbus.  This was a nice way to end the year, beautiful setting, such nice, polite customers, and I was right by a Greek restaurant with yummy food, can't beat that!

Shows will be removed from this list as we are informed they are cancelled.