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Our Show Dates and Locations for 2019

We're a one-woman shop with a little help now and then from Husband Craig, loading and unloading lumber, changing the sandpaper, troubleshooting odd noises in the old vintage equipment.  Our main products are boxes for a booth at the Great Lakes Medieval Festival, and fiber art tools for a second booth being built there in 2019.

June is here, time to update the show list! 

July 13th to August 18th, All Saturdays and Sundays rain or shine, we'll be at our booths at the Great Lakes Medieval Festival in Rock Creek, Ohio, 15 miles from Geneva on the Lake, near route 90.  We have two booths--one for wood boxes of all kinds and sizes, called The Magical Box, across from the Cottage Stage.  Next door is our second booth, built this year, The Tangled Thread, which has our fiber art tools and fibers, as well as our handspun yarns.

In mid-September, we travel way up north and participate in an event called Vikings Come Home, near Traverse City, Michigan.  We'll have our fiber art tools, wool products, teach classes, sing at the 25-foot bonfire, share mead and sit at the edge of the lake.  It's primitive camping but Vikings know how to stay warm.

In the fall, we regularly attend Sauder Village's Fiber Arts Festival, held at the historical village in Archbold, Ohio September 28-29.  This delightful village contains a large upscale quilt store, as well as a tin smith, woodworker, weaver's cottage, general store, herb building, basket building, broom maker--and each sells wares that are demonstrated to the public.  The hotel is lovely and we recommend you make a weekend of it, or stay in the large campground adjoining the property.  It's a very family-friendly place.

October 19-20, Ashland Ohio Fiber Festival, it's a new show for us but very well reviewed and seems extraordinarily well run.

The end of October we do a very small Mennonite Church show in Clintonville, Ohio (suburb of Columbus), with our wood boxes.

November 16, Kettering Ohio, Fairmont Presbyterian Church, Art Antiques and Craft Show, 9-3 p.m.  This is a first time for us at this show.

November 23, we will be in Kent, Ohio, at the Kent American Legion (Underwood Banquet Hall) show, at 1945 Mogadore Road, 10-4 p.m.  The show sounds small and personal, no stairs, wide aisles, but with lots of extras like tree and wreath auctions and other touches that make it even more enjoyable.

December 1st, Worthington Mall at 270 and 23 at the north end of Columbus, our first time there but we've heard nice things.  We've applied and waiting for the jury to confirm our photos.

In 2020, there are shows booked:

March 1-3, Old Town Trade Fair in Xenia, confirmed we're in but waiting on paperwork with exact dates and times.  This is a Rendevous Event, with lots of trapper and old-world skills and products from knives to clothing, arrowheads and natural oils and leather goods and all manner of supplies of every kind.

March 8-9, confirmed, Pat and I at the Jay County Indiana Fiber show, with 3 tables, wood boxes, wood fiber art tools, Pat's African Wax Print fabrics

April 18-19 Easton Pennsylvania, the Lehigh Valley knife show has been confirmed.  I'll be taking hardwood boxes, as well as knife shipping boxes.

End of April/early May, we'll be at Penguicon as presenters and participants.  This is a sci-fi combo Linux convention, where you can learn everything that is geeky.

July and August are set aside for the Great Lakes Medieval Festival, in Rock Creek, Ohio.

We're looking for additional shows to do, if we can find inside space available.  We'd love to see more of Kentucky this year.  Traveling around also allows us to source lumber from more mills, to offer a wider range of wood species.