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Buying our Products in 2023

We're a one-woman shop with a little help now and then from Husband Craig, loading and unloading lumber, changing the sandpaper, troubleshooting odd noises in the old vintage equipment.  We sell online and on consignment in shops.

--Choose from here on our web site, where postage is included in the price--go to the bottom of the page and click on PRODUCTS.  Notice only small things are there--because postage is crazy, and our stuff is either bulky or heavy or both.

--Best of all, help two small businesses at the same time, and purchase our items through WitchLab, located on Broad Street in downtown Columbus, Ohio.  We keep our web site prices the same as in their shop (sometimes higher because of postage considerations).  If you like our things, you'll find their store is chock-full of wonderful items for you.

Remember, each of our items is made one by one, with our own hands, using scrap and drop cuts of wood to help use resources as efficiently as possible.  We're not a factory, we're not overseas, we're right here in Ohio.

We no longer sell at shows, or do small retail sales--Wholesale Only.  You'll need to verify your brick-and-mortar, or online web site, to demonstrate you'll be reselling our items.