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Two Aromatic Cedar Boxes, Hinged

Two Aromatic Cedar Boxes, Hinged

$ 23.00

These are small, natural boxes, no oil or stain or sealer, with hinged lids and brass pins on the ends and bottoms.  Hinges are screwed in, not glued.  Very suitable for storing a small spell kit, tiny feathers, small athame, special wax pencils, herbs.  Shipping is included in the contiguous U.S.  You'll receive the same two boxes shown in the photo, made from Ohio cedar locally sawmilled and made in my shop, by me, by hand.

First box:  approx. 11 by 3 3/4 outside, 9 by 2 3/4 inside (lid is slightly larger than box)

Second box:  approx. 8 inches long, 3 wide outside; seven by 2 1/4 inside (again, lid is slightly larger than the box).

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