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Three Tomahawk or Hatchet Customer Boxes

Three Tomahawk or Hatchet Customer Boxes

$ 125.00



This one is 20 inches long and 7 1/2" wide and 3" deep (internal measurements) but you can adjust that and order custom as long as the inside doesn't go over 22 inches and the width over 10 inches.  You'll need to order three boxes of the same size to get the price, as much of the labor is in the measuring and cutting of the pieces and building a jig to set them up into for gluing and assembly work.  Orders with more than three pieces can of course be negotiated for a discount.

Made from Aromatic Red Cedar grown and milled here in Ohio, and then it comes to our shop and we do the rest.  All screws, no nails, with steel hinges.  You can request magnetic closures, our have plastic covers so that it would be really hard for your tool to rub against any metal parts.  We can attach fobs so you can set up some leather ties to secure your tool to the base, $3 per box extra (two fobs and two strings, each box).

As of 6/2/2017 we have not yet shipped hatchets in this box for trial runs.

It's running about $25 to ship three, so that's built into the price.  We're happy to refund any overage, and certainly you may pick them up in Columbus, Ohio, and save that cost entirely.



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