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Our Best Selling Cedar Knife Box

Our Best Selling Cedar Knife Box

$ 16.50





Ten inches long by 2 1/4 wide, 1 3/4 deep (inside measurements) these little boxes handle your mid-sized knife well.  The lids and bases are 1/4" thick cedar, keeping the weight down, and have all our usual features--sanded inside and out to 220 grit, glued and then nailed sides and bottom with individually tapped in brads (no nail gun or compressed-air staples, we did'em the old-fashioned way).  These are $8.50 each as many of them as you want, and if you order lots of them, we'll even negotiate a better price for you.  For an additional fee we'll also drill additional holes for stringing a security tether, and a piece of scrap suede leather.  Some knifemakers pack with foam. 

The box is plain cedar, you can seal it yourself, or enjoy it just the way it is.  We don't recommend our 1/4" lid/bottom boxes for hinges.

Price includes shipping Priority mail USPS in the continental U.S.

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