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Lucets for Practicing an Ancient Skill

Lucets for Practicing an Ancient Skill

$ 20.00

Lucets have been found in Viking graves (made from tiny bits of bone) and were popular throughout the middle ages into Victorian times, for making yards and yards of strong, tightly knotted cordage.  If you don't know how to Lucet, there are numerous You-Tube videos with all sorts of variations of techniques and resulting product.  It's portable, quietly meditative, easy to learn and share with others. 

Here are three handmade lucets, each a different size and style, all made from walnut here in our Columbus, Ohio shop.  Whether it's cord for lacing your corset, or something with seed beads, or make material to create fancy frogs for your cape, these will suit your needs.  You'll receive the three you see in the photo.  Shipping included in the price.

Note that these are created to be as authentic as possible--while sanded to 220 grit, you may still see signs of the saw marks and the hand-bevelling process.  We seal them with linseed oil and buff them, also authentic.