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Little Wood Houses, Set of 20

Little Wood Houses, Set of 20

$ 19.00

These are each a little different, cut from scrap pine (right now, we're cutting up the scraps from building our second renaissance faire booth).  The wood is all untreated, but kiln dried lumber, and we cut around the larger knots so your blanks will be as clean as possible.

A customer came to us asking for a price for six of these, and the shipping was more than the product!  So we're doing twenty, and including the postage in the $19 price, so it's less than a buck apiece.

Let us know if you want them all to get a square-nail chimney and an eyehook in a pre-drilled hole, or plain, or however you wish.  They are 2 1/2 inches to 5 inches tall, sanded to 80 grit, and sanded to stand up straight.

We've seen these finished with paint, papier-mache'd with paper, covered with scrapbooking embellishments, glued on bits of old greeting cards, even photos.  A dozen makes a great gift for housewarmings--take the hooks out and set them in a row on the mantle, use them in a unique centerpiece, nestle them into an outdoor wreath.  A quick check on pinterest will give you days of ideas.