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Little Wood Houses, Batch of 100, $60 Postage included

Little Wood Houses, Batch of 100, $60 Postage included

$ 60.00

Sit yourself down to Pinterest for an evening, and you'll see all sorts of fun crafts to do with these little wood houses.  2 1/2 to 5 inches tall, clean untreated pine wood, they are sanded to 80 grit and leveled for you.

We can put in the eye hooks in drilled holes, and chimneys on all of them if you like, just let us know.  Just takes us an hour or so, we'll make them when you order them, and you'll smell the fresh cut pine when you open your box.  If you don't specify we'll put eye hooks in all of them and chimneys on some.

We invite you to check the prices from other suppliers.  We keep our materials cost low by using scraps from other products, for all our small items.  Postage is included in the price.

We've seen these painted, decorated with scrapbooking supplies, papier-mache'd with newsprint, embellished with jewelry and sequins, all sorts of interesting techniques.  You can remove the eyehooks easily, and they become mantle decor, parts of your wreath, or an arrangement in evergreens on your holiday table.

Sit and enjoy your holidays by making and giving something of yourself.  These little blanks are so simple and plain, it's up to you to make them into beautiful gifts.