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Peg Knitting Looms--five peg and nine peg

Peg Knitting Looms--five peg and nine peg

$ 15.00

We make these here in our shop, finish them with fine sanding and boiled linseed oil and then buff them nicely.  These are a great way to create simple, long constructions of yarn that can then be used to create all sorts of small projects, unique garlands, hair accessories and many more crafts. 

You'll see that the quiet, thoughtful activity, portable and simple, will be an important tool in your fiber arts stash, too.  And it's a great way to get children started on fiber arts!

You'll get the two show in the photo, The larger one is oak, an the smaller one is poplar wood.  $15 and shipping is included.  We also include two picks (skewers) that we didn't make ourselves, as tools.