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BIG Square Knitting Needles, 1/2" and 5/8ths

BIG Square Knitting Needles, 1/2" and 5/8ths

$ 40.00

Here's your chance to walk into the next meeting of your knitting group, and not only have something handmade to knit with, but excitingly different, too!  Yes, these are square knitting needles!  and they are 17 inches BIG!

I learned about the benefit of square needles years ago, when I started having trouble with my hands cramping while I was knitting.  Not a problem with these, because you hold square needles differently, fewer muscles, less pinching.  And these are so big you'll rack up a large shawl in just a few hours.  I often will use a big chunky handspun yarn, but you can also use a chained yarn or multiple strands.

You'll get both pairs you see in the photo, both are cherry wood with walnut accents.  They have been finished with natural boiled linseed oil, ready to use.  The $40 includes free shipping to your door, so get your yarn ready!