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25 packages of Hand Made Buttons and Toggles

25 packages of Hand Made Buttons and Toggles

$ 40.00

Want your knitted shawls and hats to be different than everyone else's next sales season?  Do you have a yarn shop and want to offer your customers something they've never had before?  These chunky monkeys are fun to plan into and onto projects, knitted, sewn, woven or felted.  Carded up in sets, name of the wood on the back, no identification so they are ready for your business card and mark up.

You'll receive all the ones you see in the photo, and more, finished with boiled linseed oil, dried, and sewn down to recycled cardstock with burlap and paper embellishments.

We use a new bag or paper for the first packaging material, and then recycled materials, and your shipping is covered in the price--anywhere in the continental U.S.