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Wooden Journals

If you need a sign-in book for a Wedding, Funeral, Graduation or other lifetime event, these beautiful covers (our paper, or yours) will make this occasion even more memorable.  We make these in Walnut, Birch, Oak, Red Oak, and other hardwoods native to Ohio woods.

These are offered with and without paper--the 'without paper' ones come with one sheet included, so you can use it for a pattern.  It is easy to replace the ribbons with another color to match your choices and style, customizing your purchase for your event.  Simply take out the ribbons, cut yours to the same length plus four inches, pull them through with a crochet hook, and re-tie.  Trim the ends to your preference, long or short.

Since the wood is all purchased as drops and mill ends, and we plane it here in our shop before cutting, sanding, and assembling them, each is unique.

They are easily shipped and make a great gift, one size fits all, as a housewarming present, address book, even for your favorite artist to sketch in.