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Wood Journals for Your Record-Keeping

These are offered with and without paper--the 'without paper' ones come with one sheet included, so you can use it for a pattern.

We use good-quality hinges, sometimes solid brass, which we've sourced through a variety of second-hand and old-stock purchases.  Since the wood is all purchased as drops and mill ends, and we plane it here in our shop before cutting, sanding, and assembling them, each is unique.

At this time we are only making these in Walnut wood, beautiful and dark and heirloom quality.  If a suitable purchase presents itself for additional kinds of wood, we're happy to add those to the product line.  Easily shipped and a great gift.

The longer ones are usually about ---- wide and the writing surface available is about ---- long.  Smaller ones run about --- by --- (writing surface).  Front cover folds back out of the way.  Sheets can easily be added and removed by untying the ribbons.