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Waste Not, Want Not: Sawdust and Gathered Natural Items


While we're not qualified or able to be an apothecary supply across a broad selection of offerings, we do provide by-products of our woodworking shop for those who wish to procure materials for their Craft.

We have a professional dust-collection system, and can change out the collection bags between batches of wood.  We do this for Cedar, Oak, Cherry, and Walnut lumber, and then bag small amounts of each for individual use.  We also are willing to sell and ship larger amounts for you to package, sell by the scoop in your shop, or create your own unique mixtures for your retail customers.  Sawdust/chips are easily mailed--lightweight but bulky--and you'll enjoy smelling their fresh intensity.

At times we also have smaller amounts of Cedar bark or Walnut bark available.  All of these are air and kiln dried, kept in our heated shop, handled with care so that they are as pure as possible.  Both are packaged in plastic to conserve their potency.

These are by-products of our woodworking, not wood ground for this purpose, so we feel it's a more sustainable practice.

We also are blessed with a large walnut tree, and we gather the hulls and age those to render black walnut hulls we then crush and bag up.  We also use walnut shell in our work, and are happy to share that with customers, as well, in small manageable amounts (it comes to us in boxes too heavy to pick up).  In season, there are sweet gum balls, thistle, and acorns.

We also gather hawthorn twigs, broom corn, dried mulberries and hemlock cones.  These come from the earth and with a little effort can be prepared for your use.