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Spell Boxes--Suitable for burying!

We've had requests for small, affordable boxes suitable for burying spells in, and after realizing those 40 cedar posts that have been up against the side of the garage taking up space would be perfect, here they are.  They average 4-6" tall, 3-4" wide, and the hole is 1 3/4 wide and 2" deep, just enough for a pinch of this and that, a folded note, drops of oil or leaves of herbs, whatever you need to include.  The lids are pivots, but do come off as needed.

No oil, no stain, no nails, just back to nature naturally over time (it will take years to completely disintegrate).  If you wish to secure the lid you can wrap it with linen thread.

Don't let the cracks concern you, they are very sturdy.  The natural fissures occur as the wood shrinks in the drying process.  Lightly sanded so our customers don't get splinters, because we like you.