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Small Crates for Gift Baskets

The problem with cheap imported baskets, is that your product ends up the same as your competition.  Use this chance to get a custom crate the size you want, in pine or cedar, ready to fill for your hard-earned clientele.  We can help you determine the size you need for your boxes of soap, candles, jars of jelly, or mix of shelf-stable foods.  All new wood, clean and untreated, hand drilled and nailed (no compressed air equipment used).  All you'll need is some shredded paper and ribbon or string, and you'll be able to quickly assemble all your orders.  Want your box to fit inside a USPS flat rate parcel box?  Want a simple tray?  Want holes drilled for ribbons or ties?  We can help you. 

The box on the left is made with yellow pine slats, stronger but heavier.  The one on the right was made with white pine slats, lighter and softer (so soft, there's no point in sanding it with anything finer than 80-grit).  Both have Western Red Cedar ends, sturdy and firm when taking nails.

The box on the left is Aromatic Red Cedar, which has that characteristic scent and beautiful grain patterns.  The box on the right is Dark Walnut, unstained.  Cedar is lightweight; walnut is heavy.  Both woods were grown in Ohio and milled here, the cedar from an Amish farmer, the walnut from Union County.