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Shipping Information

You'll be able to see in the product listings, most of them include their flat rate postage price.  The reason we do this, is so we can pack the product as efficiently as possible for the best possible flat rate USPS choice of box size. 

We only ship to the continental U.S., due to the complexity of laws regarding raw lumber.  If you wish to use a third party shipper, you assume full responsibility for the laws and regulations of your area.  Please let us know in advance, as the address for your third party shipper will be different than your billing address and the purchase will be flagged by our payment processor.

Larger items require UPS shipping or local pickup.  For efficiency, we box these items as soon as they are photographed, weigh them, and include shipping price in the product price.  If it's less, we'll send you a refund of the difference, and if you wish to stop by and pick your item up (bring your printed receipt), we'll fully refund the shipping price.