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Our Fiber Art Tools and Helps

Valerie did fiber arts for nearly 30 years, before becoming a woodworker, so when it came time to expand the business, she figured out what she wanted to make pretty quickly.  We've started making lucets, knitting needles, crochet hooks, peg and lap looms, and now are adding kumihimo plates (rectangles and rounds), Bobbin Lace boxes, inkle looms and more:

These are our five-peg and nine-peg knitting peg looms.

Here's some of our lucets, made from cherry, walnut, and oak wood.

we do frame looms from hardwoods, sanded to 220 grit, and either cotter pins (like these) or wood pegs.  These are marvelous for creating bookmarks, small multimedia works to frame, card fronts, bracelets, and other small projects.

and large sets of custom order looms, these are for someone teaching a weaving class online:

and we provided shed sticks, and weaving needles, to match.

And we make knitting needles, big sturdy ones, from poplar and oak, as well as square needles from cherry wood--so easy on the hands!

and crochet hooks,

and we're making all kinds of shuttles, too!  pick shuttles, ovals, tapestry and inkle (those have a wedge shape), and regular stick shuttles of all sizes.  We're using walnut, maple, cherry and oak hardwoods for long lasting durability, and finishing each individually with steel wool rubs and boiled linseed oil to seal them well.

We also do all sorts of naalbinding needles, fids, weaving pics and needles, toothbrush needles, and other pokey wood tools:

 and we've added some easy drop spindles

and egg darners


and these are all-walnut rigid heddles for backstrap or tabletop weaving.  Sturdier than most we've seen, we wanted to create something you could use at a re-enactment or for primitive weaving projects.  A small bead has been inserted between the slats, so they will stay spaced properly, everything glued into place and then four brass round-headed nails make sure it stays in place.  There will be a batch of Cherry-slatted ones soon.

And our thread winders:

and kumihimos:

and because people love to weave with parts of nature as headers and footers, we've added these predrilled, ready to be used natural limbs.  Just tell us how big your holes need to be, how long the branches, if you want them sanded and oiled, and we'll fix that right up for you.

We also have:

Square knitting needles

pompom makers

round and thread looms

toggles and toggle kits

floor spindles

niddy noddies

bobbin lace boxes

and more!