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Our Boxes

Since we purchase our wood as drops, seconds, foundlings unloved at the back of the sawmill, leftovers from building projects and custom cabinetmakers, and purchases at auctions, we just never know what's coming next.  While this makes custom orders nearly impossible, we are happy to say that we are "saving" and repurposing lumber that would otherwise end up burned or destroyed.  Even very small pieces of wood can become beautiful, useful products, in our care.

We only use boiled linseed oil on our hardwood boxes, and when we do the dyed pine or cedar boxes, those are also oiled and buffed.  If you want a different finish, we can ship your products with or without the hardware, and let you apply the finish of your choice and complete the process.  Knifemakers who want to flock or line the inside, usually go for this option.

We make boxes from lovely hardwoods:

and from pine wood that we've carefully dyed:

and exotic, hard to find woods such as this birdseye oak:

We do hinges out of leather and metal, and clasps as well. 

this is a large box, spalted wood lid and base, and you can see the buttoning job with the high-contrast walnut buttons set into the lighter wood.  This custom order was sanded to 600-grit, and you can see the reflective finish even though it only has boiled linseed oil, nothing else:

We use traditional techniques for joinery and button plugs in most of our wood products, boxes, looms, even our key fobs.

That's one of our dice jails--for naughty bad dice

and Valerie has been carving clay embellishments to fire in her kiln, to add her own items to the tops of boxes and onto wall plaques

and just look at some of the box full of pieces Valerie made to put on top of the hardwood boxes this year--all scraps from behind the bandsaw, carefully sanded, glued, re-planed, sanded and oiled, ready to lend that on-of-a-kind look to a hardwood box.

And she's made several boxes for cremains.  This one is walnut, with a high-contrast poplar section on top with a black walnut cross fitted in.  The one behind it is oak.

the latest batch of domed pirate boxes, which we finish with leather strapping and ornamental hinges and latches.  These are aromatic cedar, oak, hickory, maple, and other nice woods.