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Object Divination Collections

For those who want to give the Universe another method to communicate, Object Divination is a simple and easy way. 

The mixes are a blend of old and new, but all are items which will suggest multiple meanings.  Items are clean and ready to use.  Some kits do contain natural items, such as a hard walnut, or caltrops, which may affect people with nut allergies.  Swallowing hazards and not intended for small children or pets.

We sell a basic starter set through WitchLab, in Columbus, Ohio, where they retail for under $20 a set.  The ones you find here on our web site are larger collections intended for the serious practitioner either adding to, or creating a second divination collection.  You may also wish to simply add the contents to a bowl in your shop and allow people to choose something they need.

For those new to this form of divination, a dream dictionary or psychic dictionary will help you interpret your messages from the Universe, but each individual's unique experiences allows for opportunities to receive information intended specifically for you and you alone.