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Knife Shipping Boxes in Bulk

We’ve caught up on big new projects (two booths at the medieval fair, designing and developing a new line of fiber art products) and we’re going to start adding some knife shipping boxes back the web site, and we've added a couple knife shows to our schedule.

While we won’t have custom sizes, you’ll find these will be suitable for folding knives, and smaller straight knives, and some boxes for cleavers.

The boxes will be plain pine and plain cedar, as well as oiled, and some that are dyed both natural and bright colors.

Shipping:  They are packaged in bulk to save on postage.  We’ll also be at the following locations, if you’d like to pick up your boxes in person.  Or of course, you may pick them up by appointment at the workshop in Columbus, Ohio, and save the postage fees.

Purchasing:  You can visit the web site,, any time 24 hours a day and see if there are boxes you like.  We won’t be putting them up for sale until they are done and packed, which means they are ready to go out immediately.

Special Orders:  These are about as large as I’ll be able to make the boxes, without purchasing full price additional lumber from more expensive sources.  If a good deal comes along, I’ll post larger shipping boxes on the site.  There are hardwood boxes available in separate listings.