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Custom Wood Boxes for Knifemakers

We now offer simple pine and cedar boxes for handing off your product to a customer so they can safely transport it home.  We also offer better-quality presentation boxes from oak, walnut, cherry, and other hardwoods, depending on what comes into the shop when we're sourcing lumber.

1.  You can choose plain (and save money) or have pine boxes dyed Golden Oak, Dark Walnut, Magenta Hot Pink, Blue, or Bright Green (more colors will be added upon request).  Our cedar boxes are left plain.  When we start oak and walnut, those will be linseed-oiled or plain for the customer to finish.

2.  The pine and cedar boxes are rustic--you won't get splinters, but they are not highly refined in finish.  There is no plywood used, each piece is hand cut, then sanded, fitted and glued and braced, then drilled and brads hammered in and then sanded again.  The nature of the pine is that it stays a bit rough no matter how you sand it, and we don't argue too much with what it wants to be.  The wood dyes are distressed afterwards, to increase that aged, rustic appearance.

3.  We're happy to make jigs and do a custom size just for you.

4.  We offer the service of drilling two holes in the base of the box, and give you a piece of black fabric and a shoelace so that you can wrap and secure your product to the bottom of the box.  The string then circles outside the box and fastens the lid down.  It's simple, and it works.

5. Best method of shipping to bring your per-item price down, is to order in bulk and have them shipped UPS.  Six of the 10" straight-knife boxes or 12 of the small folder boxes, will fit in a $15 USPS flat rate medium box, but ordering two dozen and shipping UPS means the price per item is much more reasonable.  Pickup in Columbus, Ohio, is also available and waives the shipping entirely.

6.  We recommend you have your Hatchet and Tomahawk boxes shipped UPS.  We can pallet and drop off larger orders at the Columbus, Ohio, distributor of your choice, but ask you to make the arrangements.  We're also happy to meet your trucking buddy along I-71 or I-70 in the Columbus area to pass your purchase to them, let us know.

7. Boxes are available for whatever you need, because we'll make it for your measurements.  Need a box for your sword, transit, family Bible, historical journal, camp tools, tongs, or axe?  We've made all of those.  Just ask.

8.  Want swingarm clasps?  $1 each and done.  Want solid brass hinges?  We can do that.  We also recently acquired brass and copper large-headed tacks from an old-stock service, and we also have various other kinds of fasteners you might like, let us know what you have in mind.

A price list is available, let us know an email you'd like it sent to, and we'll have it right out to you.