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NOTICE:  We won't be taking orders until September 1, 2018.  We're putting together stock and building a structure at the Great Lakes Medieval Festival, July 14-Aubust 19 (Saturday and Sundays).  We'll be back to making custom knife and tool boxes after the beginning of September.



You know those companies where you call and have to smash numbers and listen to bad music?

That's not us. 

248-895-2414 gets you Valerie the manager, or Craig the owner.  You may call us or text us.  If we're on the band saw or in someone's back forty woods with no cell reception, leave a message and we'll call you back.

You can also email

You can write us a letter, or send USPS or UPS or FedEx to:  Craig and Valerie Hibbard, 4000 Leap Road, #1598, Hilliard, OH  43026.


Note:  We do no drop-shipping, consignment, third-party orders or work with anyone that says they are a rep for our business.  The only way to purchase our items is to order them from us, by phone, email or this page, or in person at one of our shows.  Beware of anyone who says they are our representative.