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Coming soon--Bobbin Lace Boxes, and Wool Picker Boxes

Valerie's been out in the wood shop tweaking and refining her bobbin lace boxes--she's decided it needs a stop pin and a holding tray and stick up a certain amount taller than the box and eventually, she will emerge with something that resolves all the issues.  Stay posted and there will be pics very soon!

And it's hard for new fiber artists to get their hands on any tools that speed up the wool processing, even hand cards can cost $75 or more.  Many mills are now charging more than $6 a pound (and postage both ways) to card wool for spinners.  So we're experimenting with a low-cost, hoping to keep it under $95, sliding wool picker box that can be securely clamped to a table and used as needed, then securely fastened and hung up out of the way when not needed.  It will be rather small and compact, intended for hobbyists or when you're traveling, but at a price that's more affordable than larger models.