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Buttons, Toggles, Embellishments

 In our never-ending quest to use up every tiny bit of wood scraps, we started making beautiful buttons and toggles, and carding them nicely enough that you can even use them as gifts!

Just the thing to put in an impulse-area next to your checkout, or tuck into a yarn order for a favorite customer.  We do wholesale on these, so if you want to include them in your kits or at your own fiber art show table, just let us know. 

We'd like to take a minute to remind folks that a button or toggle doesn't have to have just the purpose of closing clothing.  We're also going to use ours to embellish hats, close lids of boxes, and fasten shut felted or leather bags.

Natural branch, mahogany scraps, ambrosia maple scraps (above)

Apple, Cherry, Maple, and Apple branches, made into natural shaped buttons (above)

We can card them without branding, ready for your stamp or label.  We can also reduce the price if you want to card them yourself (which also means sorting them out from a pile and making sets, LOL).