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Altars for Your Home

We produce pine altars, simple and clean and can be used as-is, or finish with your own water-resistant finish, paint, stain, or dye.  If a coat of gesso is applied, you can easily add paper embellishments to create a piece unique to you.

These are created from scraps and therefore no two are exactly alike.  They are pieced, cut, glued and then sanded and nailed in a 12-step process, and we even set the nails slightly below the surface so they won't scratch.

The pine and cedar altars are soft enough any dremel or hand tool can do pilot holes to add glider feet, tack down your leather or cloth surface, add your embellishments.

We also offer dyed altars, using a mix we stir up custom per batch, so there is randomness in the outcome--no two batches are alike, not only because of the dye but also the wood used.  These are also from scraps, and are sealed with boiled linseed oil.  Additional color can be added by you, just mix artist-quality oil paint with boiled linseed oil, apply with brush or cloth, and then buff off the excess and dry.