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Plain and Practical Woodworking: About Us

We are building stock for the Great Lakes Medieval Festival, and will be filling NO orders until September 1, 2018.  We're excited about building a booth at the faire, and working it July 14th to August 19th.


Plain and Practical, LLC, provides something special to folks who like to make American products and put them into American containers.  

We source our woods a little differently that the Big Boys.  Instead of truckloads of lumber, we're shaking hands with owners of small independent sawmills, going though piles of drops looking for those pretty feathered pieces, visiting farmers with a tree to sell.  Sometimes the wood is from someone's 60 years of scraps.  Sometimes it's a deck from a Great Lakes Trawler.  We're always scouting for interesting pieces for our customers, interesting supplies to go with that wood, interesting reading material so we all continue to improve our skills.  Our reputation for fairness means the mills call us when something they know we'd like is coming off their saws.

We're a little different.  We believe in real customer service, if we don't have it, we'll give you any information we can share so you can find it somewhere else.  We believe in giving you what you paid for--what you see in the listing is what you get, after you buy it, we'll take down that listing and put up another in its place.  We keep prices down and sometimes this means we'll not have a similar item the next time you visit, but we'll be happy to put you on a waiting list and keep you informed of progress.  And if you don't see it, ask, because we're a really small company and a lot of wood passes through our door, and not all of it gets onto our web site.

Thank you for visiting.  Consider us your friends who help you find what you need.

Craig and Valerie Hibbard