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Starting up the new site, with new lumber that just came in!

We buy lumber all over . . . catch is, we're always looking for lumber that is a great price, so we can keep our prices low, and secondly, we like to find wood that is less desirable to the sawmill or owner.  We can work with drops, short ends, extra two boards left over from filling that order last year, exotic scraps from high-end installers, we get a kick out of saving wood from the burn pile or the dumpster.  Sometimes what a mill doesn't like, can be our favorite thing--burls, twisty things, short pieces, stuff with knots or live edges.

These are from an independent, one-owner one-worker sawmill south of Columbus, Ohio.  We've got two pallets of these coming, all four foot or shorter, but the grain is just amazing.

that's unplaned, too, so after it's sanded and finished, you'll have some really nice patterns.  The colors on the red oak vary from pink with light yellow, to nearly reddish orange.  The white oak varies from stark white to creams to light pink, some yellows.

Pieces with knots and live edges will be pulled and become plaques and wood for our makery around the shop, bird houses, gun racks, desk risers, and more.

We like that we can put our money right into the hands of the people who do the work.  They stand out in the elements cutting the trees, they push wood through dangerous equipment, they load and unload trucks.  Our small mills keep us in materials, and for that, we're grateful.

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